Friday, 1 August 2014

summer bucket list update

well, it's officially august. only one more month of summer! so far we've crossed quite a few things off our summer bucket list but we still have some more to go. here's where we're at:
  • walk to the movie theatre and watch a movie
  • repaint the desk
  • go to jam in jubilee
  • have friends over for a bbq
  • go to seattle vanvouver for a night (next weekend!)
  • go to cultus lake and swim (i have to specify ‘swim’ otherwise david won’t)
  • make nightstands
  • go to whistler 2x
  • read a book that’s not a textbook (in progress)
  • work lots/make $$$ (so far so good!) 
  • go to the gym/work out 2x a week (complete fail so far...) 
  • keep our plants alive
  • do the abby grind
  • go (real) camping
  • get good grades in summer classes
  • go to burnaby mountain and watch the sunset
  • go to the driving range
  • richmond night market (planned for next weekend) 
  • celebration of light
next weekend me and david are planning a belated anniversary celebration by spending a night in vancouver. we plan to hit up the richmond night market and do lots of sitting by the hotel pool. 

i hope you all are crossing lots of things off your summer bucket lists! have a fantastic weekend :)

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