Monday, 30 June 2014

weekend in whistler.

hey everyone! today i'm back at work after an amazing weekend in whistler with my family. we stayed in a condo with my parents and my two sisters and their families. it was great to spend some quality time with everyone, especially my adorable nephew silas! just look at that face!

me and david drove up on friday after work. it was a rainy and trafic-filled drive but we made it up before 7pm. on the way we stopped at britannia mines and a couple of viewpoints.

the next day we braved the rain and went for a walk around lost lake.

we also walked into the village for some coffee. the rain cleared up a bit and we got a view of the peak 2 peak gondola. you can kind of see it in the picture below.

on sunday we watched the netherlands game (hup holland hup!!), and we won so that set a good tone for the day.

and then the sun came out for a bit so we hit up the pool and hot tub. it was so fun taking silas in the pool, he loved it!

we also did some more walking and found a cool park with some serious yarn bombing.

overall we spent the weekend playing games, walking around, swimming, and eating delicious food. can't wait to do it all over again next weekend with david's family!

and just because i can't resist, here are a couple more pictures of silas.

hope you all have a fantastic canada day week!

Monday, 23 June 2014

the little things 04

i'm getting this post in just before monday is over. today was a good day. work went by surprisingly fast, my co-worker brought in her cute new puppy, i had a successful trip to target, and i got to go to a fun wedding shower celebrating one of my best friends! lots of little things to make this monday better.

but, for the sake of picking one little thing, i'm going with this sweet microwave cart i got for 15 bucks. finally my microwave can come off the floor and my toaster oven can relinquish its spot on the bookshelf.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

chicken fajitas.

do you guys have a go-to dinner? me and david definitely do and it's chicken fajitas! i love this meal because it's easy, can be made in 20 minutes with minimal effort, and doesn't make tons of messy dishes. and it's semi-healthy-ish so that's a bonus.

here's how we make them:
1. put some chicken strips in the oven. follow the instructions on the box. if you want to make these fancier you can slice up some chicken breast into strips and coat them in shake and bake- yum.

2. grate cheese (we use mozzarella), cut up some lettuce, grab some wraps. (rocket science, i know).

3. add sauce. the secret to these wraps is the sauce. mix equal parts bbq sauce and ranch dressing, it will blow your mind!

4. cut up cooked strips, toss it all together, and wrap it up.

5. enjoy your tasty 20 minute meal!

we probably eat these wraps once a week and i haven't gotten sick of them yet. they always hit the spot and feel waaaaay healthier than having chicken strips and french fries or pizza (which are our other go-to's).

so, what's your favourite dinner when you're in a hurry or out of ideas?

Monday, 16 June 2014

the little things 03

today was a busy day. work, school, piano recital, wedding shower. back to back to back to back. the little thing that got me through the day today was going for coffee with my mom before work. nothing like a white chocolate mocha and some mom time to get me through the day!

ps. i love gifs. moving pictures are just superior to still ones. this one is from here

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

posture and such.

i've got pretty ridiculously bad posture. my back has so many bends and kinks i'm surprised it hasn't caved in completely. my shoulders slouch, my neck cranes foward, and my hips are crooked. in the past it hasn't bothered me too much, it's part of who i am and i've embraced it. but....

i went to the chiropractor for a few months following a car accident and my posture improved so much! i was pumped. but now i haven't been in a few months and i've started to notice my spine falling back into its old comfort zone. not cool.

so. i'm going to be proactive this time. i'm going to do my stretches and sit properly so my spine stays straight. and i'm writing this here so i have the accountability to stick to it. it's time to take matters into my own hands and make sure this doesn't get worse (and maybe even a bit better).

my first step: raising my computer at work so it's eye level.
i can't get a new desk or chair so this is pretty much my only option i have to keep my neck straight. although i'm seriously considering getting one of those exercise balls to sit on at work.

second step: exercises and stretches. i'm trying these ones for now. they seem pretty good so far.
anyways, wish me luck on my better posture journey!

any other tips or tricks to standing up straight?

Monday, 9 June 2014

the little things 02

this glass of wine keeping me company as i do my homework on a blah monday.

Monday, 2 June 2014

the little things 01

mondays are hard. you're tired from the weekend and starting at the beginning of a new week of work can be downright depressing. on mondays it's especially important to stop and enjoy the little things that make you happy. so starting today, i'm going to post about a little thing that makes me happy on mondays!

today, it's these life savers in my desk drawer.

it makes me immensely happy to pull open my drawer, break open the wrapper on one of those minty delights and pop it in my mouth. most of the time i crunch them into oblivion in only a few seconds. but once in a while, when i'm feel especially patient i'll suck on one for like five minutes. those are the good ones, the long-lasting ones.

what is keeping you sane today? any tips to keep the monday blues away?