Wednesday, 11 June 2014

posture and such.

i've got pretty ridiculously bad posture. my back has so many bends and kinks i'm surprised it hasn't caved in completely. my shoulders slouch, my neck cranes foward, and my hips are crooked. in the past it hasn't bothered me too much, it's part of who i am and i've embraced it. but....

i went to the chiropractor for a few months following a car accident and my posture improved so much! i was pumped. but now i haven't been in a few months and i've started to notice my spine falling back into its old comfort zone. not cool.

so. i'm going to be proactive this time. i'm going to do my stretches and sit properly so my spine stays straight. and i'm writing this here so i have the accountability to stick to it. it's time to take matters into my own hands and make sure this doesn't get worse (and maybe even a bit better).

my first step: raising my computer at work so it's eye level.
i can't get a new desk or chair so this is pretty much my only option i have to keep my neck straight. although i'm seriously considering getting one of those exercise balls to sit on at work.

second step: exercises and stretches. i'm trying these ones for now. they seem pretty good so far.
anyways, wish me luck on my better posture journey!

any other tips or tricks to standing up straight?

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