Wednesday, 18 June 2014

chicken fajitas.

do you guys have a go-to dinner? me and david definitely do and it's chicken fajitas! i love this meal because it's easy, can be made in 20 minutes with minimal effort, and doesn't make tons of messy dishes. and it's semi-healthy-ish so that's a bonus.

here's how we make them:
1. put some chicken strips in the oven. follow the instructions on the box. if you want to make these fancier you can slice up some chicken breast into strips and coat them in shake and bake- yum.

2. grate cheese (we use mozzarella), cut up some lettuce, grab some wraps. (rocket science, i know).

3. add sauce. the secret to these wraps is the sauce. mix equal parts bbq sauce and ranch dressing, it will blow your mind!

4. cut up cooked strips, toss it all together, and wrap it up.

5. enjoy your tasty 20 minute meal!

we probably eat these wraps once a week and i haven't gotten sick of them yet. they always hit the spot and feel waaaaay healthier than having chicken strips and french fries or pizza (which are our other go-to's).

so, what's your favourite dinner when you're in a hurry or out of ideas?

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