Tuesday, 16 September 2014

scootin' around town.

we are no longer a one vehicle family! hooray!

this semester mine and david's work and school schedules did not line up at all. it would have been impossible for us to get everywhere we needed to go without another vehicle. so, we bought this fantastic scooter from my sister a few weeks ago and it's been pretty life altering. i don't have to wake up early to drive david to work and i don't need to leave work early to pick him up from work and bring him to school.

we are also saving a ton on gas. multiple trips to work and back during the day adds up to a lot of gas. it feel surreal to fill up the scooter for only 4 bucks. and it lasts for almost two weeks! the fuel efficiency along with the cheap insurance ($300 for the whole year!) made this the best option for us. winters here are pretty mild as well so we're hoping david will be able to drive it almost all year.

yay for progress! :)

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