Tuesday, 9 February 2016

family day weekend

For David's birthday (back in December) I booked us a couple of nights in a condo in Vancouver and it was finally time this weekend! I booked it for the Family Day weekend so we would still have Monday to chill at home and do errands. We ate out for every meal, walked and walked and walked, binge-watched Curse of Oak Island and it was AWESOME.

^ the view from our place.

Friday night it was pouring rain and we got drenched when we walked to Cactus Club. But Saturday was dry and we made the most of it by walking down Robson Street, doing some shopping. and walking the sea wall. 

^ waffles at Nero Belgian Waffles for pre-dinner (we had appies at Boston Pizza later :P)

^ and of course on the way home we stopped at the airport to see some planes. 

It really was a great couple of days away. It felt awesome to just relax with no schedule or responsibility, we came and went 10 times a day, ate what our hearts desired, and watched tv, guilt-free. 

I was going to write that we need to do this more often until I realized that we have a trip to Vegas booked for March, so excited to explore a new place!

^ on Monday it was beautiful and sunny so we walked at the Blue Heron Reserve with Michelle and Eric. We also went to Chilliwack Airport for lunch and pie!

^ by the end of the weekend we were all pretty pooped. 

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  1. Ooh I made it on the blog! P.s I'm getting so excited for Las Vegas!