Thursday, 17 July 2014

exciting news.

well, i think this is as official as it's going to get: we are building a house! we are unbelievably excited. the land is bought, the plans are being made, and permits are in the works.

but before you go nuts asking yourself how two newlywed students could possibly afford to build a house from scratch let me clarify something. the 'we' in the statement above is david and i, as well as david's parents. david's dad is an amazing builder and recently bought a vacant lot in abbotsford. they are building a house and we are helping design and build the house and we will live there. we are investing and will be applying for the mortgage and we will co-own the house. when we sell it eventually we will split the profits. or, if we feel so inclined (and have the money) we can buy david's parents out. we'll also be able to afford the payments because the house will have a basement suite. david and i will live in the two-bedroom suite while we rent out the top floor to some (hopefully) lovely renters.

of course nothing is set in stone. if we suddenly find ourselves out of work or some other disaster hits we will finish the house and sell it right away. we are all pretty confident that we can build a house that is worth more than it cost to build.

anyway, that's enough about the finances. mostly on the blog i'll talk about the designing and building process. i'll definitely be looking for lots of input! hopefully we'll be able to figure out some creative solutions to keep costs down without sacrificing style and functionality. and if all goes according to plan we'll move in by early 2015.

here's the lot:
again with our awesome sign:
and here's the fantastic view we'll have:
stay tuned next week to see the floor plans, they'll knock your socks off!

ps. if you're looking for a builder in the fraser valley david's dad is LITERALLY the best! he designs, builds, AND renovates. check out his website here.

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