Friday, 4 July 2014

morning routines.

do you guys have a morning routine? i definitely do. every morning i wake up after pressing the snooze button once, i go to the washroom then head straight to the coffee maker. coffee is the best part of my morning. i go to bed in anticipation of waking up and drinking coffee. for real. because it's not just a plain coffee, it's lattes every morning peeps! they have espresso, creamy milk, and foam that it seriously so delicious!

so how do i make this extra special coffee you may ask? it's all the product of my tassimo and my nespresso milk steamer. we got both of these as wedding presents and they are awesome! the milk steamer especially is great. i steam milk all the time for regular coffee, for lattes, and for hot chocolate. and if we've got it in the house, chocolate milk lattes are seriously the best thing on the planet, just sayin'.

it's not cheap but i'd totally recommend it for any coffee lover. it is way faster and easier to clean than any espresso machine with a steaming wand and it tastes the exact same. and what i really love about it is that it makes the milk HOT, not just warm, but actually hot.

once i've for my coffee made i settle in for 10-15 minutes and read all the my favourite blogs. it's a morning ritual that i can't live without.

do you guys have any morning rituals? i figure coffee is a pretty high priority for most people.

and now that i've professed my love for coffee and my milk steamer it's time to head off to whistler again! hope you all have a spectacular weekend :)

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