Wednesday, 29 October 2014

kitchen inspiration.

we are starting to get to the point in building our house where we have to make big decisions. lately we've been visiting cabinet makers to decide on kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. while i'm having trouble nailing down idea's for the bathrooms i've got a clear idea of what i want in the kitchen.

here's my inspiration...

basically, here's what i want:

  • shaker cabinet doors, medium-to-dark grey on the bottom, white on top
  • white-ish countertops (probably quartz but we have to price it out still. crossing my fingers that we can fit it into the budget!)
  • brass hardware. i'm seriously obsessed with the drawer pulls on the bottom left picture. now i just need to find somewhere that sells them for less than $30 a piece! 
  • a big island. i think it will end up looking like the bottom left picture. big, with a sink, but with stools along one side. 
  • also, drawers. lots and lots of drawers. 
  • for a backsplash i'm thinking either white subway tiles or some sort of planking like they have here. what do you think would be better? 

so! what do you think? any red flags going up? do you have something in your kitchen that you love and we definitely need to get? i'd love some advice! 

by the way, i never actually shared our floor plans! here is the upstairs, where we'll be living. david's oma (grandmother) will be calling the bottom floor 'home'. basically we come in on the ground floor and go right up the stairs in the middle. also, it's cut off a bit but we have a front porch going out off the great room. 

(all inpiration pictures taken from my pinterest page)


  1. I just wrote the longest comment and it was deleted. I touched on everything! I'm annoying.

  2. Anyhoo, the gist of what i said was i love the brass hardware - beautiful! yeesh to the price though! I love the backsplash and white counter tops look super fresh. We have black counter tops and they show every single smudge. I couldn't agree more about havign tons of drawers. We have big drawers in our island for big pots and pans and i love them so much! we also always sit on our stools by the island , it's my favorite thing to do . It all looks so nice Kristina, can't wait to go inside and get a tour!!

  3. Thanks Beth! I can't wait to show people :)

  4. In my opinion, modern-looking homes give off such an elegant feeling. I love the inspirations you picked. Dark colors and white definitely compliment each other. I'm definitely eager to see how your kitchen will look after the renovation. Thanks for sharing that, Kristina! Good luck! :)

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express