Sunday, 26 October 2014

new art for my living room.

the other day i was at my mom's house. she had been cleaning out the spare bedroom so she could make a sewing room. there was stuff all over the house waiting to be sorted through. while i was looking through some boxes i found these amazing vintage patches. my mom said she collected them when she was a kid, buying one from every place they visited. one of them was a sports participation badge my mom got when she was in school. i instantly pictured them displayed in a shadow box and told my mom she should get on that! knowing she would never actually do it she gave them to me. and i'm sooo glad she did because they look awesome in my living room. i think in the new house this would look really great in a gallery wall in the dining room or office.

basically i just wrapped a spare piece of grey flannel i had around the back of the shadow box and then used hot glue to stick the patches on. easy peasy.

i love that the shadow box makes them look so fancy, like they are worth a lot of money. now i'm dreaming up other things to put on display in shadow boxes. maybe some ticket stubs? origami paper cranes? the options are endless!

ps. sorry about the lame pictures, the glare on the glass was really killing me!

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