Monday, 2 March 2015


pictures from our trip to halifax this past christmas.

 bruce and lydia's place. so fun to experience living in the city for two weeks! they live so close to downtown and right by the halifax commons where the skating oval was. david skated almost every day.

going for a walk down to the water on our first day there. 

eli in his christmas jammies from oma. "i'm not an elf, they're just pajaaaamaas."

where bruce went to school!

 the new library in halifax. such a neat building, the outside looks like stacked books. 

the view from the citadel. you can see the mckenzie bridge in the distance. bruce and lydia's street starts just to the left of this picture. 

 looking in the other direction.

brother bruce.

eli. those rosie cheeks kill me!

two cuties watching tv.

eli feeding his baby. after marieke got one for christmas he was suddenly interested in his again ;)

peggy's cove! such a beautiful place to explore.

 the beautiful mosaic that eli made ;)

we went for a day trip with lydia and the kids to mahone bay, lunenburg and la have. first stop: mahone bay. three old churches on the other side of the bay. 

second stop: lunenburg. we had the most delicious lunch in that red building over looking the water! 

 taking the ferry to la have. 

going to the bakery that mom recommended. the yummiest coffee and baking.

david touching the atlantic on our way back from the dutch shop.

snow day! marieke's first time sledding (i think ;)

 they both loved getting pulled down the hill!

dinner at the old triangle with live celtic music. 

on our way to pei we stopped at victoria park and it was soooooo cold. 

 hard to look enthusiastic in -17 weather.

beautiful frozen waterfalls made it all worth it though!

 confederation bridge!

car selfie. we were in three provinces in one day!


driving around the coast 

our very own charles wysocki puzzle! 

 red sand and frozen water

me and david went for a drive to the lookoff one day.  this is a view of minus basin, part of the bay of fundy. 

the BEST provolone and ham croissants from two if by sea in dartmouth. 

 eli was pretty pleased with his cookie. 

 couldn't finish that last bite! so greasy and cheesy and delicious. 

 on the ferry back to halifax. we lasted all of two seconds up there before the cold was too much.

the view of the inlet from york redoubt, an old fort on the coast.

exploring the tunnels.

crystal crescent beach.

aaaannnd then we had to leave :(

next up.... orlando!!

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  1. Love this! Your trip looked awesome :) And you should get that picture made into a puzzle :P