Tuesday, 19 May 2015


a little bit of what we've been up to lately (in no particular order).

 a sunday lunch at our new place (all moved in!!!!)

ikea with little jonathan

mom helping clean before we moved in (not a posed picture at aaaaalll, nope).

VERY tired of the whole moving thing. this was at like 9pm after our fourth truck load for the night. sick. of. it. 

silas reading with uncle david. serious baby fever going on here, especially after seeing this guy hanging out with the nephews!

house numbers!

hangin' out with baby jem! 

saying good-bye to our old place. 

walking to mom and dads. only 25 minutes away!

our new vacuum works great on the laminate.

first time getting the mail! 

first meal. so many 'firsts' when you move into a new house. loving it!

he was having fun, i promise. 

that's all for now! 

ps. i'll post the orlando pictures soon, promise!

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  1. Love your house numbers :) Also, love that you posted again :)