Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hi friends! How have you been? I promised to share pictures from our trip to Orlando and I'm finally delivering (only 8 months late ;). 

We left from Seattle on a Sunday morning and after a long delay in Texas we finally made it to our house just after dinner. This house was the best! It had lots of bedrooms and a pool and hot tub. 
 On day one we were planning on going straight to Hollywood Studios but we were so tired from travelling the day before that we decided postpone for a day. Instead we went for a drive, visited the info centre, and some of us went for a walk in the rain to look for crocs! 

The next day we hit up Hollywood Studios! This was my first time at Disney and it did not disappoint. 

Tower of Terror was for SURE my favourite ride. 

I couldn't believe all of the intricate details that went into every single thing in the park. So much to look at! 

Waiting in line for the Tower of Terror. 

This stunt show was super fun! Also a great opportunity to sit down and eat our lunch. 
 Hollywood Studios might have been my favourite of the parks we visited. I loved all of the shows and rides. It is also smaller so everything is closer together and easier to find. 

Next day we hit up the Kennedy Space Center! I didn't really know what to expect but if you go to Orlando you definitely need to go here. The exhibits were really amazing and we learned so much! The tour of the grounds was also really cool. We got to see the launch pads and the tracks they use to get the rockets from the hangars to the launch pads. 

The rocket garden was super impressive. 

The highlight of the day was the real-life rocket that got launched at sunset! The launch was supposed to take place a few days earlier but it got postponed so we were really lucky. 

Waiting with anticipation!

It was crazy loud. I wasn't expecting that! A once in a lifetime experience for sure. 
After the rocket launch we went out for dinner to the Cheesecake Factory. YUM!

And then we were off to Magic Kingdom! 

Cramming onto the teacups. I had to sit with my legs up so we would fit :P

Kevin and Veronica! They spun so fast, it made me sick to watch!

Some extremely slow and lame race cars...

One of the parades. It was seriously fun to see all of the princesses and characters. Everything is so over the top!

 Can't go to Disney and not get a Dole Whip!

And lastly we went to Animal Kingdom. We all had pretty low expectations for this park for some reason but it was really awesome! 

We did this ride like three times in a row in the morning because there was no line up!

Mount Everest was a crowd favourite. The ride was fun but I really enjoyed looking at all of the displays in the line-up. Everything is so detailed and realistic!

Ugh, these dang rapids got me completely soaked just before the sun went down. SO COLD!

We got to go on a safari too! We so many amazing animals from really close. We would have gone a second time but without a FastPass it would have take three hours just to get through the line-up!

And then we went home! 

It was such a crazy fun trip. I'm so glad that we got to celebrate Mom and Dad's 25th Anniversary in Orlando! 

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