Monday, 21 April 2014

easter weekend.

happy easter weekend!

i’ve been having a great weekend relaxing with family and taking a break from work. i had a late meeting on thursday that left me pretty drained so i’m so thankful for this weekend!

on friday me and david both had the day off. i’m pretty sure this was the first day off we’ve both had together without a family thing or something else planned since we've been married (besides sundays, they don’t count). we were so pumped! we planned to go to church in the morning (for good friday of course) and then head out to richmond for the day.

as i’m sure you all know david is a major plane enthusiast. as evidence: our airplane themed wedding!

he’s been dying to go to vancouver airport and spot some planes. there’s an awesome park nearby called iona beach. it’s actually built around a waste treatment plant, which sounds gross but is totally awesome. there’s a huge pipeline that juts out into the ocean that they built a walkway along it and on top. so you can walk 3 km out into the ocean right in front of the airport. on my instagram feed i made it sound like it was super boring and i only went because david wanted to but in reality it’s actually a pretty cool walk.

our next stop (besides starbucks) was ikea! i’ve been making a list on my phone of things we needed from ikea for a while and we finally had a chance to pick them all up. we got some new drinking glasses, a roller thing to put planters on top for our patio, and a shelf for our kitchen. i’m pretty sad that we forgot about the chocolate bars though.

we were planning on getting some laundry carts in order to diy these nightstands but they changed the design of them so they weren’t going to work. so instead we improvised and got some shelf brackets and david is going to put up some simple shelves next to our bed so i can finally have a place to put my alarm clock, lamp, and cell phone. i’ll post some before and after pictures when they’re all done!

after our shopping spree ($38 is considered a ‘spree’ on our budget!) we splurged again and went out for dinner at white spot. and then spent the evening playing cards with my parents. all around it was a pretty fantastic day.

saturday david was back at work so i spent the day cleaning the house and watching tv. i have to admit that i did more tv watching than cleaning. it wasn’t my fault though! i sat down to watch one episode of the good wife and something major went down. so then obviously i had to watch 5 more episodes to figure out what was up. like i said: not my fault.

anyways, sunday was a more productive day. we went to church, had a relaxing afternoon, headed to church again, and then went to david’s aunt’s for easter dinner! it was a blast hanging out with cousins and the food was soooo good!

i didn’t eat breakfast this morning because i’m still full. true story.

wow, that post turned out to be much longer than i thought it would be! 

the end.

(wedding photos by Sharalee Prang Photography)


  1. I started watching the Good Wife cause of you! So far, so good. I'm worried it will drive a wedge between Mark and I, as he is not into it. ;)

    1. haha, you have to have your own shows to watch for when Mark's not around!