Wednesday, 30 April 2014

summer bucket list.

school is officially over and summer has begun! me and david are both taking summer classes but they are condensed so they’ll be over by the end of june. even so, it feeeels like summer is here. it helps that it’s 25 degrees today and super sunny.

me and david have big plans for the summer. it’s our first complete summer being married and we’re going to milk every second of it.

here’s what we want to get done by the end of august:
  • walk to the movie theatre and watch a movie
  • repaint the desk
  • go to jam in jubilee
  • have friends over for a bbq
  • go to seattle for a night
  • go to cultus lake and swim (i have to specify ‘swim’ otherwise david won’t)
  • make nightstands
  • go to whistler 2x
  • read a book that’s not a textbook
  • work lots/make $$$
  • go to the gym/work out 2x a week
  • keep our plants alive
  • do the abby grind
  • go (real) camping
  • get good grades in summer classes
  • go to burnaby mountain and watch the sunset
  • go to the driving range
  • richmond night market

anything else we should add?

i think it's going to be a good summer.

ps. we're on the look out for cheap patio furniture. preferably a smaller table with some chairs. let me know if you see any deals!

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