Tuesday, 22 April 2014


knitting is one of my favourite hobbies. you can do while your watching tv, sitting with a group of friends, or you can just let your mind wander while your hands do the work. i love that it's relaxing and monotonous- it's a total comfort activity for me.

i remember when i first learned to knit. i was probably in grade 6. my sister in law, lydia, taught me. she took me and my sister hannah (who's a year older than me) to walmart to pick out our very first balls of yarn. i remember feeling so cool and old. it was such a treat to go out with our brothers girlfriend and we felt so special! then we came home and got to work knitting our scarves. it took a long time to get the technique down. hannah didn't have the patience for it and i don't think she ever finished her scarf. i remember getting frustrated and wanting to quit but then i thought that if lydia thought knitting was cool than it must be, so i better stick with it. i would have done anything at the time to be like my big sisters! (and probably still would, my sisters are cool people).

after that i started knitting scarf after scarf. i stopped for a while in high school when knitting was definitely not the cool thing to do. once i graduated though i happened to have a boyfriend who played a lot of hockey. i would sit with my friend or my future mother in law in the stands, knitting, and watching hockey in between rows.

mostly i've just knit scarves but this past winter i've been trying to branch out. i taught myself to knit on circular needles and i knit some leg warmers and even a baby blanket (below). for my next baby blanket i need to put a border around it though because my last one got all curly around the edges. my goal is to mass produce them and sell them in an etsy shop. one day.

another thing on my knitting to-do list is to learn to cable knit. i'm desperate for a chunky cable knit blanket like the picture up top.

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  1. I thought you did that cable knitting and I was SOOO impressed!! I really want to learn that too. The baby blanket is amazing though! There is an AMAZING yarn shop in Inglewood (where we live) and they do classes - you can even learn to make a real cowichan sweater - all supplies included! But they also do socks, cable knit, two color patterns and more basic stuff like that. Anyway, long story short. If you ever move to Calgary, we can go together. Here's a link, not that it matters... http://www.stashlounge.com/all-classes/