Monday, 14 April 2014

in my spare time.

lately david has had tons of homework/studying to do. i've only got one exam left and its not for another 2 weeks so i've had a lot of free time on my hands. usually i would knit to fill the time but yarn is expensive and i'm not up for spending another $20 on it. soooo, i watch tv pretty much every evening.

netflix has been saving my life. they have so many great tv shows its hard to narrow it down.

lately i am super obsessed with the good wife! it is seriously so good! i love all of the characters and i love the story line. as a person who wanted to be a lawyer for like ten years i really enjoy all of the law and politics as well. i'm almost at the end of the series though and i'll need something to watch after.

i've already seen...

 mad men (loved it at first but i got a bit bored of it near the end)

 how i met your mother (so sad it's over!)

 call the midwife (any BBC show is pretty much fantastic)

 downton abbey (hello, AMAZING!)

 and freaks and geeks (only one season but it was really funny and endearing)

me and david are also making our way through once upon a time. it's important to have shows that we watch together and shows that i can watch on my own. that way i can still watch what i want, when i want.

i think i'll try out derek next. i watch a few minutes of the first episode and wasn't crazy about it. the accents were so hard to understand i had to put the subtitles on. but i've heard great things about it from lots of different people so i think it deserves another chance.

what other series do you love? i've got another two weeks before david is done school so i've got lots of time to watch!

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