Friday, 11 April 2014


i'm nearing the end of my fourth year of university, just one more exam (woot!). i've still got a few classes left before graduation but i'm hoping to have everything finished before the end of 2014.

one of the reason i started writing this blog is a result of my education. i've spent the last four years immersed in the world of criminology and academia. i've written dozens of research papers, literature reviews, and case studies. i've read countless journal articles and textbooks. i don't remember the last fictional book i've read. just take a look at my bookshelf, i think there is a total of five novels on the whole thing, the rest is all textbooks.

all this academic reading and writing has left me in a rut. i can whip up a thesis statement in a matter of minutes but writing creatively takes a lot more practice. that's where this blog comes in. i want to expand my horizons beyond theory and research and explore the world of writing for the sake of writing. writing because it's beautiful and good for the soul not because of a looming deadline.

practice makes perfect, and that's what this blog is: practice.

(top photo of a print from this etsy shop, bottom photo of my ridiculous textbook situation)

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