Monday, 28 April 2014

technical difficulties.

well, i think it's official: our laptop has reached its final days.

we have a desktop computer that is practically brand new but has extreme trouble connecting to the internet. so we mostly use it for writing papers and we use the laptop for any internet searching and tv watching (we don't have a tv after all). you always had to be careful with it though because it was super temperamental. it always had to be plugged in because the battery died about a year ago. you had to be super careful with the cord too because if you bumped it the wrong way or set the computer down a little to roughly it would automatically shut off. even if you didn't bump it or move it there was always a chance it would spontaneously shut down. also, the space bar didn't work, so there's that.

and now finally, it's time to say good-bye.

so now we have to decide what to replace it with. should we get a laptop or an ipad? we're leaning towards laptop because we'll use it for lots of netflix watching and a bigger screen will be best for that. it would also be easier to do research for school on a laptop. but on the other hand, ipads are legit!

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