Monday, 5 May 2014

i made this.

since school's been done and i have a bit more time on my hands i decided to get crafty! i've had a diy list in mind for a while and when i saw this fantastic planter holder on vintage revivals i knew i had to bump it to the top of my list. it had everything i look for in a diy: brass, leather, and affordability!

the tutorial was pretty easy to follow and the supplies were almost all easy to find. the one problem i ran into with this project was finding a bowl that fit the holder. when i looked at the original tutorial i pictured it much larger than it turned out to be. so when i brought home my supplies the bowl i had was waaaaay to big. it took forever (and by forever i mean six stores) to find one that would fit. the one i landed on was $3 from superstore.

anyways, without further ado, here's my planter!

pretty good replication don't you think? it looks lovely hanging in my window sill. i even saved a bit of money by not buying the tube cutter and using a little saw (thanks grandpa!) instead. worked like a charm.

now i just need to keep that succulent alive!

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