Sunday, 18 May 2014

around the house lately.

there is no real purpose to this post, i just want to show off a few things around my house.

first up: my flowers aren't dead!! we've had them for a few weeks and they've grown so much.

i even added one to the collection, a mint plant and put it in a pot i got for two dollars at the thrift store.

after target disappointed me with their weak sandal selection they made up for it by offering this sweet candle holder for four bucks. win.

i am also SO pumped that we finally have nightstands! david has been promising to build some since we got married but hasn't had the time. so i thought i'd make it easier by lowering my expectations. we picked up these shelf brackets at ikea and stuck a piece of 2 by 12 on top and called it a nightstand. i think they look pretty fantastic and they only cost 10 dollars for everything. and more importantly: i finally have a place to put my alarm clock, lamp, and charging cell phone. win, win, and win.

me and david have also been getting our creative juices flowing to make some art for our bedroom. we have this ledge above our bed that needs some serious help. i'll do a full post on this later maybe but here's a sneak peak of one of the things we made.

bison! i'm in love with the little fellow and it was a pretty simple project to make. got any suggestions for cheap diy art?

that's all for now. i hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

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