Monday, 26 May 2014


today is the four year mark for mine and david's relationship. fooooouuuuurrr years! david spoiled me with a bottle of wine, some tasty calzones, the frozen dvd, and two skor bars. he knows me so well.

in honour of the occasion i thought i'd share a few things you may not know about david:

he talks. a lot. to people who don't know david that well this may seem like a shocker but it's true i swear! in public he's quiet and serious but when it's just the two of us david will do at least 75% of the talking. he talks about work, airplanes, school, and any other thing that pops into that handsome head of his.

his favourite movie is miracle. not exactly a shock but you may not have known that!

he writes fantastic poems. david writes the sweetest rhyming poems for pretty much any occasion. i love them so much. it makes my day when i find a note tucked away in my lunch bag.

i feel so lucky to be his wife!

and because every blog post needs lots of pictures here's a picture of us from each year of dating/marriage!


one year:

two years:

three years:


(excuse the incredibly gimpy arm in the last one, it was the only picture i had of the two of us in the last month!)

the end.

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