Saturday, 31 May 2014


right now i've got this image as my phone lock screen. this quote and the memory of this past week are a reminder to stop taking on extra things.

lately i've been feeling pretty overwhelmed with school, work, and everything else in life. it's been a hard adjustment for me to be working full time again. we had volunteer training this week that we were totally not prepared for and that left me feeling pretty stressed. i was supposed to present part of the training but i panicked at all the last minute changes to the curriculum and chickened out. luckily my co-workers who are expert presenters bailed me out. we also had to submit a MAJOR proposal this week that could bring in around a million dollars! this would also secure me three years of guaranteed work. (it's out of our hands now so please pray that this proposal will be approved! we could help so many people being released from prison with that money.)

i also decided it would be smart to take a condensed summer class. normally i think this would be totally do-able but this class in particular is killing me. there's four week left and we haven't started on any of our big assignments yet. i'm starting to freak out.

besides those two major stressors we also had our first softball game this week. 'softball?' yup! 'why?' i don't know, ask my brother-in-law raymond. they needed more girls and somehow i ended up on a softball team. i don't really mind though, just this week i was too busy to enjoy it.

anyways, all that to say: that's enough! i am at my limit, my plate is full. it's time to start saying 'no' to those extra-curricular activities!

ps. you can download that wallpaper here and lots more cute ones!

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