Monday, 12 May 2014

the great sandal hunt of 2014.

i'm the kind of person who owns as few pairs of shoes as possible. i own one pair of boots, one pair of ballet flats, one pair of walking shoes, one pair of runners, and until recently, one pair of sandals. on one of the first warm days we had this year the toe strap on my beloved sandals broke. after a few days of mourning i set out to target (obviously) to get a replacement. and for the first time ever at target i couldn't find anything i liked and that came in my size (tens can be hard to come by sometimes).

so now it's been a few weeks and i still haven't been able to find a pair with the right combination of comfort, style, and affordability (i'm also the kind of person who spends, on average, $20 for a pair of shoes). i also need sandals to have a back strap because i drive a standard car and my shoes need to stay put.

my last resort is to scour the internet for something. here's what i've found so far...

saltwater sandals
decent on the affordability scale and i hear they are super comfortable and last a long time. i also like that they are real leather. buuuuut, ankle straps never seem to work for me and i will i get sick of doing up that buckle all summer?


these are way over my price limit but i really love them!

these from american eagle
i love this style but again with the ankle strap...

or these
the ankle strap on these is a little bit looser, i may even by able to slip them on and bypass the buckle!

which are your favourite? i'm torn between the first ones and the last ones because i think they'll be the best everyday kind of shoes. i'm going to hit up american eagle this week and try a few out. and if they don't work it'll have to be the saltwaters!!

*** UPDATE: i went to american eagle after work and they didn't have any of the ones i liked! soooo i stopped by the boathouse just to check things out and i picked up these bad boys for $20. i'm gonna test them around the house to make sure they're comfortable but i think we've found a winner.


  1. Did they have more? I'm on the lookout for sandals for work and I love these... and the price :)

    1. Karen, they had the same ones I got in black that would be cute for work! Not that many other ones though...